Weekly Meal Subscription Plans

From: $121.60/month

Never forget to place your order, meals will be automatically delivered every week when you sign up for a subscription. You will receive both meals every week, there is no current subscription for just one meal. Vegan and Gluten Free subscriptions will receive double orders of one meal if the other can not be modified. You can pause your subscription when you go away and cancel at any time!


NameNumber of ServingsMeals per weekCost per month
For You1 of each meal2 total$121.60
For Two
2 of each meal
4 total
For the Crew
3 of each meal
6 total
For the Fam
4 of each meal
8 total
(Family Plan Discount!)
For Five
5 of each meal
10 total
For Six6 of each meal
12 total
Weekly Soup/SaladSoup/Salad
1 serving
(add multiple subscriptions for multiple servings)$32
Pause or cancel your subscription at any time. All changes must be made before the cut off of the current week.
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