What to do with my meals when they arrive

Place in refrigerator and decide what to eat first!

How do I reheat my meals?

All our meals arrive fully cooked so they only need to be reheated. Each meal comes with specific instructions. Microwave or cook on the stove/in the oven as the instructions specify.

How long will my meals last?

If refrigerated and stored properly our food will last 3-4 days after production day. You can also freeze certain meals although please note this may change some textures, we do not recommend freezing any fresh vegetables.

What if I have food allergies?

We can accommodate a variety of food allergies. All of our menu items will list common allergens underneath eg. wheat, soy, nuts etc. Full ingredients lists are available upon request. If you have any life threatening allergies we can not 100% guarantee no cross contamination.

Im not a vegetarian will I still enjoy your food?

Definitely! Many of our customers are flexitarians or are just looking to add more plant forward foods into their diet. We aim to please omnivores and herbivores alike!

What is “plant-forward”?

Plant-Forward is a style of eating and cooking that emphasizes and celebrates, but is not strictly limited to, plant-based foods. It reflects principles of health and sustainability. It means focusing on the vegetables, fruits, grains, herbs and spices without overly restricting our diet.

How do I order meals?

On our homepage! The current menu is featured with order now buttons underneath. Just add them to your cart and checkout.

How many meals do you offer?

Currently we are offering two different meals a week rotating between ~30 different meals (ever-growing). As well as one soup, one salad and two energy ball flavours.

Where do you deliver?

We offer free delivery to all of the Comox Valley. From Royston (farthest south) to Merville (farthest north). No deliveries to Denman/Hornby Island.

When do you deliver?

Deliveries will be made every Wednesday between 10am-5pm. If you need a more specific time let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Where are you located?

We do not have a store front but all of our cooking is done out of the VIHA approved kitchen at Ravens Moon Cidery.

Any other questions please email maya@live-kitchen.ca

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