Two of these options will be available every week!

Thai Green Curry GF V Organic tofu, sweet bell peppers and zucchini in a lemongrass and ginger infused coconut sauce served with jasmine rice. Contains: Soy

Chana Masala GF V Cauliflower and chickpeas in an Indian spiced tomato sauce served with basmati rice

Butter Chickpeas GF V Our take on the Indian butter chicken dish. Creamy curry tofu sauce with chickpeas, served with basmati rice Contains: Soy

Thai Red Curry GF V
Butternut squash and sweet bell peppers in a spicy lemongrass, ginger and coconut sauce, served with jasmine rice

Pad Thai GF V
Carrots, peppers, tofu and rice noodles tossed in a classic Thai sauce, topped with crushed cashews and fresh lime juice
Contains: Peanuts, Cashews, Soy

Peanut Stir Fry GF V
Marinated tofu and vegetables in a flavourful peanut sauce served with rice
Contains: Peanuts, Soy

Pesto Pasta GF upon request
Fresh basil and pine nut pesto tossed with peppers, artichokes, tomatoes, spinach and Garofalo’s organic pasta
Contains: Pine nuts

Stuffed Peppers GF V
Roasted peppers filled with spiced rice, beans, corn, tomatoes, spinach and topped with guacamole

Polenta & Ratatouille GF
Creamy parmesan polenta with ratatouille, arugula, goat cheese and balsamic reduction
Contains: Corn

Parisienne Gnocchi
Homemade parisienne gnocchi with cherry tomatoes, zucchini, olives, spinach, peppers, parmesan cheese and romesco sauce
Contains: Wheat, Mustard, Eggs, Almonds

Banh Mi Bowl GF V
Sirracha marinated tofu, rice noodles, cabbage slaw, cucumbers with mint, cilantro, basil, jalapeno and lime
Contains: Soy, Cashews

Our classic Italian pasta sauce and zucchini layered with lasagne noodles and ricotta
Contains: Wheat

Ginger & Sesame Stir Fry GF V
Carrots, cauliflower, peppers and tofu in a ginger and sesame sauce served with rice
Contains: Soy, Sesame

Moroccan Peanut Stew GF V
Sweet potatoes, chickpeas, peppers and spinach in a flavourful Moroccan spiced soup
Contains: Peanuts

Sweet & Sour Stir Fry GF V
Sweet chili, ginger and garlic sauce tossed with peppers, carrots, broccoli and tofu, served with rice
Contains: Soy

Bolognese V
Our vegetarian version of the classic Italian meat sauce served over Garofalo’s organic pasta
Contains: Wheat

Burger Bowl GF V
Sweet potato and black bean burger pattie with roasted baby potatoes, mixed greens, tomato, avocado, pickled jalapenos and chipotle sauce
Contains: Oats, quinoa

Falafel Bowl GF
Homemade mediterranean falafels, tabbouleh, kalamata olives, mixed greens, tzatziki
Quinoa, chickpeas

Smoked Tofu Chili & Cornbread GF and V without cornbread
Our vegetarian spin on the classic chili, Salt Spring Islands smoked tofu, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and beans
Contains: Soy.
Corn, eggs

Peanut Tofu Bowl GF V
Tofu caramelized in an asian peanut sauce, roasted sweet potatoes, braised cabbage served with rice and extra peanut sauce
Contains: Soy, Peanuts

Smoked Cauliflower Bowl GF V
Smokey cauliflower, spiced black beans, ginger rice, cabbage slaw and chimichurri sauce

We source local as much as possible

All meals are $14ea including tax and delivery!

GF = Gluten Free V = Vegan

Full ingredients lists are available upon request

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